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My collection of coins of the Republic of Estonia


It was actually not that difficult to get my hands on all the coins of the newly independent Republic of Estonia, including several specials. Although I happened to run into someone who had the coins missing from my collection, they are not hard to find otherwise. Now you have to gradually replace the inferior copies with better ones and thus improve your collection.

I chose SAFE 50×50 coin frames and a Premium album with sheets for coin frames to archive my coins. I prefer coin frames when it comes to coins that are very similar in appearance and where additional information plays an important rule. For example, in the case of specials, the nature of the special or even the year of minting. All of this can be marked on the coin frame without damaging the coin. The result remains beautiful and uniform, good to look at and easy to search for.

A total of 39 coins were obtained. Officially, there are 35 of them, plus a few exceptions. For example, on the 1997 20-cent coin, the lions on the back of which are either with or without tail hair. Or the 20-cent coin of 2006, where the year on the back is in a larger font, for the other the font is smaller. Or the 1-krona of 2006, where the coins have a different number of teeth on the edge. There are more specials and as always the need for them depends on the collector. At the moment I feel that I do not need every micro detail in my collection. 

If you find this topic interesting, go for it. First of all, the coins at home, then the coins of friends and relatives, and what you can not find, you can find them at collectors’ meetups or through osta.ee, the largest auction environment in Estonia. If you are impressed by my coin collection, you will need the following products:

  • Coin frames: according to the table below – you can find them in the SAFE e-shop by product code
  • You can get 5 krona coins together with the box from the SAFE coin shop
 SKU    ∅ mm  Estonian
7818 17.5 5, 10 cent
7820 20 20, 50 cent
7825 25 1 kroon
7828 27.5 5 kroon

NB! Coin frames are available as stapling (the product code contains the letter H) and self-adhesive versions.
NB! Both types of coin frames are available in packs of 25 and 100 (character combination XL in the product code).
NB! The coin can always be placed in a coin frame larger than the diameter of the coin.

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