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Coin holders are specially made plastic or paper pockets that are used for storing and protecting coins. Here are some reasons why using coin holders can be beneficial:
Protection from damage: Coin holders protect coins from scratches, corrosion, and other damages that can affect their condition and value.
Keeping clean: Coin holders keep coins clean by protecting them from dust and dirt.
Storage: Coin holders allow coins to be conveniently stored in cases, albums, or folders.
Organization: Coin holders help organize coins by making it easy to sort and locate them.
Transportation: Coin holders allow coins to be easily transported and protected from damage.
In summary, coin holders help ensure the long-term preservation of coins, protect them from damage and dirt, simplify coin organization, and enable convenient storage and transportation.

In the SAFE e-shop, you will find archival-quality coin pouches for long-term coin storage as well as secure coin pouches for short-term coin storage or for sending coins for certification. We do not sell PVC coin flips!

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