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TAVID is now using SAFE’s coin capsules


Starting in 2024, SAFE coin capsules will be used by TAVID, a company primarily known to Estonians for currency exchange! Although currency exchange remains one of the company’s core activities today, TAVID is the largest precious metals seller in Northern Europe. Among other things, TAVID trades in investment gold and silver coins, which are handed over to the customer in capsules.

You won’t find a direct reference to the capsules on TAVID’s website, and the images of the coins for sale do not show them in capsules. However, according to the company, capsules are used for all coins, and any coins that do not come pre-packaged in capsules from the factory are placed in capsules on-site (except when a larger batch is purchased and packaging in capsules is not appropriate).

Before the cooperation began, information was exchanged and the capsules were tested. Now, the first batch of capsules has been delivered to TAVID.

Freed Kruusberg, who represented TAVID in the transaction, describes the capsules and the related dealings as follows: “We have been completely satisfied with the product so far. These capsules all look quite similar visually, but an important aspect (which has sometimes been an issue with other manufacturers) is that the capsules stay firmly and securely closed. In this regard, SAFE capsules have so far been among the best we have used. The price is also reasonable. The cooperation itself has been smooth, and communication has been quick. In this sense, working with a local company is convenient because the communication is more direct and the response to situations is more immediate.

SAFE coin capsules are available for coins with diameters ranging from 14mm to 50mm. The capsules are airtight and made from highly durable, scratch-resistant, PVC-free, crystal-clear, and safe polystyrene. The edge of the capsule has a rim that makes opening the capsule convenient. All SAFE coin capsules are manufactured in Europe from the highest transparency polystyrene. The capsules are available in packs of 5, 10, or 25. You can check out the selection HERE.

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