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Näpunäiteid markide pesemisel ja kuivatamisel

Tips for cleaning and drying stamps


Place the stamps in warm but not hot water. Once the paper has separated from the stamp, leave the stamp in water for a while to dissolve any of the remaining glue. Take the stamp out of the water, let the water drain and place it between a drying paper, against the edge if possible. The result is especially good if you place the stamp with the adhesive side down on the vinyl sheet (included in the set) and then cover the side with drying paper. Close the lid of the (mechanical) press and gently tighten the fixing screws.

Stamps with bits of glue should also be placed glue-side down on a sheet of vinyl to prevent any sticking, and then covered with blotting paper.

Stamps attached to envelopes with colored contents, colored envelopes, or envelopes marked with colored ink should be treated separately. Wash a small number of stamps at a time. Change the water often. A few drops of white distilled vinegar will help bring out the colors.

Do not use dryer sheets indefinitely. Dry the sheets completely before using them in the press.

The following products for drying stamps are available in the SAFE e-store:

  • Electric drying press SAFEpress – SKU 9895
  • Mechanical stamp drying press – SKU 1040
  • Stamps drying book A4 – SKU 1075

Photo by Sabine Simon from FreeImages

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