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Coin trays can be used to store and display a personal coin collection. They are often lined with felt or velvet to protect the coins and keep them from scratching against hard surfaces. Coin trays are designed for collectors who may need individual compartments or slots to keep each coin separate and organized, making it easy to view and appreciate the collection. Some coin trays even come with a clear cover to protect the coins from dust and damage while still allowing them to be seen.

Coin trays are often used inside coin cases to provide additional protection and organization for a coin collection. Coin cases are designed to hold and display coins, and they often come with removable trays or drawers that can be customized to fit various sizes and types of coins. By using a coin tray inside a coin case, you can keep your coins organized and easily accessible, while also providing an extra layer of protection against scratches and other damage. Some coin cases even come with specialized coin trays designed to fit specific coin sizes or collections.

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