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Numismatists use coin scales for several reasons. One of the main reasons is to ensure the accuracy of the coin’s weight. Accuracy of weight is important, especially if the numismatist wants to determine the coin’s value or authenticity. Coin scales also allow the numismatist to easily compare the coin’s weight to other similar coins and identify any possible deviations. In addition, special coin scales may help protect the surface of the coin from scratches and other damage that may occur from handling or storing the coin elsewhere.

In summary, coin scales are an important tool that helps numismatists ensure the accuracy of a coin’s weight, protect the coin’s surface, and secure the coin’s value and authenticity.

In the SAFE e-shop you will find scales with an accuracy of 1/100g (0.01 g) and even 2/1000 (0.002 g).

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