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PVC and coins


For those who certify coins, there can be many different defects on the surface of coins that make it impossible to grade and encapsulate. One such defect is PVC damage, which is the reaction of the chemical plasticizer contained in the plastic coin pocket with the external environment, leading to irreversible damage to the coin.

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a widely used thermoplastic with a number of applications. In numismatics, PVC is often found in coin pockets: transparent (double) pockets used by collectors, resellers and certification service providers when presenting or handling coins. It is a material whose short-term use is safe, but in which long-term storage of coins can cause serious damage.

In order for PVC to be soft or flexible as a material, chemical plasticizers are added to it, which separate from the PVC over time and can form a green layer on the surface of the coin. If such a coin is not cleaned, the plasticizer reacts with air humidity, and hydrochloric acid is formed, which etches itself on the surface of the coin. PVC damage noticed at the right time can be removed with the help of specialists.

The SAFE e-shop offers several different coin pockets, which are of archival quality and whose use is also safe in the long term:

  • GUARDHOUSE™ double pocket for coins (articles 954283, 954286) is made of oil- and PVC-free plastic (uPVC). Accepted for sending coins to be certified. Suitable for long-term storage of coins.
  • SAFE double pockets for coins (article 1303) are made of softener-free, transparent polypropylene (PP). Good price-to-quality ratio for long-term storage of coins. Archival quality.
  • SAFLIP double pockets for coins (article Saflip 50×50) are made of pure MYLAR® polyester resin. Archival quality.
  • GUARDHOUSE™ Coretek Double Pocket for Coins (articles 724603, 724605) in the polyester film that is 100% uncoated, colorless, and bi-directionally stretched PET. This means that there is no need to use plastics, addictives, UV inhibitors, coatings, absorbents, or other contaminants. Archival quality.

All double pockets listed above are accepted for sending coins to be certified!

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