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You can collect postcards in almost all the different SAFE album systems. However, only in the Compact and Maxi series you will find special sheets for both old and new postcards. The Compact A4 series dividers are more universal and are suitable for both old and new postcards. Depending on the type of album you choose, the sheets are either transparent, with a black or white background. The latter allow double-sided use. There are also a number of different sized sheets for photos and postcards in different formats. The SAFE postcard pockets are the best available, made of pure polyester.

When choosing the sheets, make sure that they match your existing or desired album. Sheets of different album types are not cross-usable! To facilitate selection, the name of the dividing page contains the name of the matching album. More information can be found on the product card. If you get stuck, feel free to ask for help!

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