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NGC Cases – Preservation Problems and Solutions


We are sharing an interesting article published on numismaatika.com, where the author compared various storage solutions for NGC cases and provided their assessment. According to the author, commonly used plastic sleeves and bags for certified coins damage the surface of NGC cases, leaving (micro)scratches depending on the solution used. Both the product that won the “test” and the best solution are available at the SAFE online store.

NGC Cases: A Closer Look at Quality and Preservation

Scratches occur almost immediately when two plastics rub against each other.

For years, Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) cases have been the preferred choice for storing and preserving numismatic coins. However, in recent years, a concerning trend has emerged — almost all NGC cases available on the market seem scratched and worn. This issue has caused confusion and concern regarding the overall quality of NGC cases, prompting collectors and dealers alike to seek better and more reliable storage options.

The quality problems of NGC cases are a significant concern for both collectors and dealers committed to maintaining and selling high-quality numismatic items. One of the major issues is the scratching of the plastic, which appears to result even from ordinary use. Just placing an NGC case in a zip-lock bag can lead to scratches on the case. The problem lies in the fact that the plastic of the zip-lock bag is rougher, and friction causes scratches on the case.

Understanding the Scratching Issue

Surprisingly, it’s not sharp objects during transport or use that pose the greatest threat to NGC cases, but rather the common LDPE plastic material in which the NGC cases are stored and which scratches them. Scratches occur almost immediately when two plastics rub against each other. Tests conducted by numismaatika.com confirm that the quality of NGC cases is subpar, with scratches appearing even when slipping a coin into or out of a zip-lock bag. The testing involved various zip-lock bags from Büroomaailm and Pakendikeskus, bubble wrap, and different plastic sleeves from the SAFE online store.

Best Storage Solutions

The test winner was the Guardhouse coin slab protector bags with closures, offered by the SAFE online store, which provided the best scratch protection for coins. While placing an individual coin in a plastic sleeve doesn’t create scratches, this might still be an inadequate choice, especially if the coin comes into contact with other sharp objects, like keys. The best way to store larger quantities of coins, up to 20, is in NGC’s own plastic boxes.

This test confirmed that the safest way to store or transport a single coin is in a Guardhouse resealable bag, as it offers the best protection due to higher-quality plastic. Although avoiding scratches entirely is challenging, Guardhouse provides solutions that help collectors keep their numismatic treasures safer with minimal damage. Despite the challenges, there are solutions available to ensure that valuable coin collections remain intact and beautiful for the future.

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