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Manufacturers and vendors of accessories for coins offer a wide variety of different coin pockets, hence, making a choice can be quite difficult. The main criteria are often the transparency of the material and price, however, it can be deceiving. What is important is the purpose of the coin pocket, since coin pockets that are made of different materials are used for different purposes – for short-term or long-term preservation. On closer examination, it becomes clear that the choices of well-known certification companies or auction houses can not be fully trusted, because for them, on one hand, the price is important, and on the other hand, the coins are stored in selected pockets for a relatively short amount of time. However, if the user wants real archival quality like pockets that are used by museums, the user has to accept a higher price or compromise in transparency. This is the selection of archival quality coin pockets available in SAFE e-store.

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