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A beginner’s starter kit for numismatists could include a magnifying glass, a thematic coin catalogue, an album, gloves and coin pockets.

A magnifying glass makes it easier to study numismatic objects, to notice their details and engravings. A magnifying glass with illumination can also be useful for closer examination of the surface of a coin and for detecting defects. A thematic catalogue is helpful for the history and prices of coins and banknotes. With the album you organise and protect your valuable collection. Gloves help prevent grease and other damaging substances from getting on the surface of coins, and archival-quality pockets make it safe to store coins or send them for certification.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. There are different ways to start, and the habits and desires of each collector are different. Here you will find our selection of products for the beginner coin enthusiast.

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